Tefal IXEO is an outstanding All-in-One iron and clothes steamer solution for a complete garment care with ultimate convenience and ease, to look your absolute best in no time.

It offers a all-new experience with ergonomic upright design, high-efficiency steaming and lightweight ironing. The perfect solution for smooth and wrinkle-free looks every day.

Now, why iXeo?

1 Perfect ergonomics
patented integrated Smartboard

A new gesture, more convenient and more efficient thanks to the built-in 3-angle Smart Board, with adjustable height and angles for all purposes.

2 The perfect solution
for every situation


Ready in only
45 seconds


Thanks to its
1L water tank

3 Eliminates
wrinkles in no time

Thanks to the powerful
Turbo Steam Technology
and the iron's heating soleplate.

High-Power Up to 5-bar pump pressure. Inspired by iron technology for optimal results.
The best clothes steamer solution.

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Efficient on all

No setting needed for perfect results, even on the most delicate garments thanks to Smart Protect Technology.


Refresh & Sanitize
your interior

Steam power eliminates smells and up to 99.9% of bacteria.

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Ultra convenient

thanks to the integrated hanger hook

Easy to use

with the built-in-3-position Smart Board


Respect all garment

Efficient & precise

thanks to the thin soleplate tip

Extremely manageable

with its iron 2x lighter than a regular steam iron


thanks to its removable basis

Long lasting performances

Alert for anti-scale cartridge replacement

Easy to move

thanks to small wheels

Have a look
at iXeo in action

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  REF: QT1020
Pump pressure 5 bars
Power 1600 W
Water tank capacity 1L
Accessories Protective cover
Anti-scale cartridge 1x
Fabric brush
Lint Pad
2 Clips for hanging pants
Color Black / Copper
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Discover the latest
solutions for your garments

Access Steam +

Access Steam +
Survive your daily rush

Turbo Pro

Turbo Pro
Unleash the power of
the bull in your ironing

Pro Style

Pro Style
Steam like a
professional at home



How to set up IXEO ?

How to set up IXEO ?

To help you assembling your IXEO, please follow the link to our video:

For more details, assembly instructions are available here:

Read the notice

How to set up the Smart board ?

How to set up the Smart board ?

To handle the SmartBoard, place your hands on both sides of the table, lift it up in a vertical position and tilt it according to your preference:

  • Vertical for impeccable steaming
  • Horizontal for efficient ironing
  • 30° to eliminate wrinkles with unmatched comfort of use
Vertical for impeccable steaming
Horizontal for efficient ironing
30° to eliminate wrinkles with unmatched comfort of use

How to fill in my water tank ?

How to fill in my water tank ?

How to fill in my water tank ?

IXEO’s water tank is removable to guarantee maximum comfort in use.

With its 1L capacity, it is ideal for last minute or longer sessions.

How to store IXEO?

How to store IXEO?

How to fill in my water tank ?

With its refined design, IXEO easily blends with your interior.

Equipped with small wheels under its base, you can easily maneuver it in the house with no effort.

If you want to store it, IXEO can be compacted to a size of 105cm. That way, it can be easily stored in a corner or in a closet.

How to replace my anti-scale cartridge ?

How to replace my anti-scale cartridge ?

IXEO is equipped with an anti-scale cartridge system to increase its lifetime.

A cartridge lifetime depends on the number of hours spent ironing every week and on the water hardness of your region.

On average, one cartridge lasts about 8 months.

When the cartridge comes to its end, a light signal appears on the base to indicate it is time to change it, in order to continue using your appliance in the best conditions.

For that, you just need to remove the water tank, replace the old cartridge with a new one and put back the water tank filled with water back in.

You will have to wait approximately 1min30 before using IXEO again.

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